Nowadays, the perception of beauty is as important as health for people. In my opinion, the perception of beauty is based on the society’s approval of one’s appearance, rather than liking one’s own image in the mirror. Not only adults, but also young people are affected by the perception of beauty. People do surgeries on their bodies and faces just so others can say they’re beautiful.


The perception of beauty has undergone many changes since the renaissance periods, and it still does. Today, people think “beauty” is pale skin, small nose, plump lips, slim waist, long and slim legs, fair hair etc. So, does social platforms affect the perception of beauty?


Well, yes. Social platforms play a big role at physical insecurities. Seeing others faces, hearing others brutal thoughts about physical features open doors to insecurities. If I need to give an example, a big group of teens don’t want to take their masks off just because of the fear that “They will judge me because that I’m ugly.”


Lastly, beauty is not about what we see, it is about what we think and consider that is beauty. The meaning of beauty changes from person to person, it is subjective.

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