Perception of Success

It is possible to see success anxiety in many students today. Some students want to be in the top class or be the best student in their class. Even though this request is quite normal, it goes beyond being healthy after a certain stage. The first thing to do to pass this stage is to change the wrongly known judgment that you need to be successful if you want to be valued by teachers and your family.

Almost all students want to be students who their teachers and family value. But the thing they do not know is that the value given to you is not proportional to your academic success. When the students do not know that fact, they feel massive pressure and try harder to be the best student in the class. The pressure might be beneficial at first, but when it turns to an obsession, the importance of their social life activities fall behind in their mind. In a situation like that, the student might face some social problems for the rest of their life.

In my opinion, the first thing students should learn is to focus on their achievements and not over compare themselves to other students. Comparing yourself with your expectations of yourself instead of other people is the easiest solution to this stress problem. As long as you keep your grades at the level of your wishes, your grades will continue to increase. As long as you don’t let it fall below your expectations, you will have time to take time for yourself if it continues like this.

The biggest problem experienced in such a situation is that when your academic success decreases, you do not realize it and spend more time for yourself. When you are in such a situation, it would be great convenience for you to be noticed by another person (teacher, family, friends, etc.). Since I was never the most successful student in the class myself, I can keep myself at an average level, thanks to my family and friends. At least, I can say that I am trying.

In summary, it would be in your best interest to compare yourself to yourself rather than to other people in your academic life. After all, the important thing here is not how good you are from other people, but how well you meet your expectations. In this way, if you meet your expectations, you can also take time for yourself.


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