Perceptions That Need To Be Broken

Perceptions That Need To Be Broken

From past to present, society has always had certain criteria. Each period had its own unique perceptions of beauty. Fashions, styles, hairstyles, colors, facial features and many other things were decided by society. The perception of society decided whether these things were good or bad, and whether they were beautiful or ugly. When people had their own style, they were not liked, they were judged with ugly, bad and other things.

I think that the beauty criteria created by the society, which existed in the past and continues to intensify today, affect people psychologically. When a person’s body, tastes and clothes are not suitable for the society’s perception of beauty, people regard him as ugly and unappealing. As a result, the humiliated person is naturally affected. The society’s bad interpretation of him and his humiliation in society affects people’s psychology a lot. The reason why the perception of beauty has increased so much today is virtual platforms. Since virtual platforms are used so often, there are certain perceptions of beauty created by people, especially young people, on the Internet. There are certain styles that they create among themselves. Some of these various styles are vilified, some are admired. Before judging people as face and body and creating their perception of beauty, they begin to judge and insult them according to their style. In order to look beautiful according to the society, after dressing according to the style that appeals to everyone, their face should not be bulky, their jaw bones should not be prominent, their nose should be beautiful, their lips should be full, and their teeth should be white. Afterwards, her hair must look shiny and beautiful, her hands must be beautiful, and a lot of other specific things.

I think that beauty should be measured by people’s thoughts. I do not think that the perceptions of beauty created by the society and which have many conditions make people beautiful. If a person’s heart and thoughts are beautiful, that person is beautiful. Being overweight, thin, tall or short should not affect this. For example, a girl is very beautiful according to the society’s perception of beauty. Everyone does everything for her just because she’s beautiful. And this increases his ego and then insults those he supposedly sees as unbeautiful and lame. When those people want to talk to him, he makes fun of them. This girl’s thoughts and heart are bad. She is not a beautiful person, her thoughts are bad and dirty. Therefore, the perception of beauty should not be created. People should not be approached with the perceptions created by a certain audience and should not be treated according to them. That person should not be treated according to his thoughts and inner beauty.

As a result, I argue that the perception of beauty should be about thoughts, not looks. Society should not create certain perceptions, I think, interaction and communication with people should be established.

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