Perseverance, Work, Happiness

I woke up at 7:54 this morning, with very little time left until the day of the big exam. After washing my face, I had a good breakfast and left the house to go to the library. I came to the library using the subway and started to study at the desk I always sit at. Our exams have been very busy for the last month, I was going to take another exam tomorrow. After two hours of work, I took a break from my work to eat. Again, I sit in the cafe where I always sit and order the food I always order. After I had my dinner, I went back to my work. I kept working until it was evening and I was hungry again, but I had to work, everyone was working hard. Our final exam would determine our future. After I got home and had my dinner, I did a few more tests and went to sleep.

I dreamed that I had a very bad result in the exam (this was the last thing I wanted to experience at that moment) I woke up stressed and went back to sleep after drinking a glass of water. This was the cycle of my life. I had a lot of acne on my face due to exam stress. I don’t think this test should have been that big. I didn’t think our future was just a test. I continued my studies for the next month. My studies were progressing well. Then a very unfortunate event happened. With so little time left. I badly broke my arm, which I used at a ridiculous football game. When we went to the hospital, they said that I had to go into surgery. I was very upset, thinking that my efforts would be in vain. After the doctors operated on my arm, they put my arm in a cast and told me not to move my arm at all for a week and a half, just to lie down and rest.

When they said that, I was in complete despair. While the days were chasing at home, the time was endless, it was like I was in a prison. I don’t think there was anything worse than not being able to do something when I could. This was bothering me a lot. While my peers could strive for their dreams, I was incapable of even doing it. At the end of these endless days. The rest period recommended by the doctor has passed. I sat at the beginning of my lesson with great enthusiasm. Even though it was difficult to study with a broken arm, I wanted to work… When I finished my study for lunch, the phone rang. A long time ago, the secretary of the university I applied to called me. He told me that I was accepted to the university from the reserve. If someone had told me something like this would happen, I wouldn’t have believed it. I was incredibly blessed. I immediately called my family and told them the good news, and they were also very happy. I am also very pleased that I have been rewarded for my hard work.

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