Philosophy Of Loneliness

The concepts of loneliness and togetherness are the basic concepts of human relations, which have emerged since the first human, and which are mutually dynamic. When we consider the concept of loneliness, we know that there are two kinds of loneliness. First; the loneliness of existence; the solitude of human thought and existence. Second; social/sociological loneliness; practically, exclusion, alienation, etc., while living with other people,to stay out of the union for reasons etc. Of course, these types of loneliness trigger each other. When one arises, the other can be said to appear. So how does loneliness affect us?

Sometimes, the loneliness of the person who directly performs science, philosophy or art has revealed beautiful things, sometimes the concept of ‘solitude’ has been the subject of products emerging in these fields. Loneliness is a human condition that brings with it originality and freedom. Even if loneliness arises against the will of the lonely person or against his will, his creativity and freedom emerge when the lonely person manages the situation well. It can be said that loneliness enslaves rather than this aspect. This is related to the existential expression of man. When some are ostracized or alienated, they step aside and turn the situation in their favour. Or they stay lonely with their will anyway. Some of them are afraid of loneliness. People that are afraid of loneliness tries to include themselves in a group. This is the negative side of loneliness. In this case, people can become more and more enslaved. So we can say the affects of loneliness changes from person to person.

Now, It’s time to talk about my definition of loneliness. I think being lonely helps you know yourself better. How? You might ask. Think of an empty room that only has two chairs inside. One for yourself and one for your brain. What would you do? We are humans, we are social beings so of course you would talk to your brain. As time passes you get to know each other better. You would become friends. Yes, some scientists say that loneliness causes your mental health to crash etc. But this actually only depends on you. You, choose to be your brains friend or enemy. So choose friendship. If you have no one with you, you always have your brain. Do you have a problem to outcome? Solve it with your brain. It’s that easy, so now you are basically not as lonely as you were. Because now, you are more creative and intelligent. Turn your loneliness into an advantage.As, one of the most important scientist Einstein said “The loneliness and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind.”

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