Pizza 26

 After I saw a jet-black mysterious shadow outside my room, right next to the squeaky door with my barely-opened eyes peripherally, that “thing” or “person” somehow bended the space-time reality and teleported to my room. Somehow… Was it about my weird dreams, or my strange aura? Some people say every aura has a different color. However, experts told me that my aura is not in the range of visible light. It is near to gamma-rays or something. I do not actually know that deep. Let’s get back to the topic, even though I do not want to explain how I was kidnapped by a four-dimensional space person.  So he came in and took me, right? No. That’s the whole thing, if this was a normal kidnapping case, I would be less annoyed.

You would be wondering how I could be annoyed because of an alien. After he came in the room with an inescapable cold, even though I had thirty blankets. But that is not my problem now. I was told to get up and follow him. “Quickly, but silently,” he said with an English accent. “Well” I thought to myself, “London is nothing but hell right?” So an English demonic thing would not be so weird. I would not complain about Lucifer tho. But no, they had to send an ugly one! I acted weird and did whatever he said. As soon as I got ready, I followed him to the park. Meanwhile, my parents were asleep like a log. Even my mother, who could wake up because an ice cracked in the freezer. Oh come on… You know that scary and short noise, you definitely do… I am pretty sure I made more noise than some ice. Why were they sleeping? Actually, there are things that I am still curious about this night. After going to the park, I lost my consciousness somehow. One thing after another… I realized I was at the airport when I came to myself. Then blank pages again. 404, I barely could remember I was flying somehow.

Then we arrived, I thought. No! I had to walk kilometers of stoned roads. Let’s normalize sleeping for days. I kept walking and walking. And realized what he was trying to do. He was trying to make me sleep and get into my head! Nevertheless, when we stopped at a crowded Pizza store, where children like me are gathered with question marks on their faces. Hungry, tired teenagers waiting for pizza… Everyone was getting their slices while I was making a plan. “Pizza 22”. Although our numbers were yet to be announced, certainly it was getting closer at me. Damn! I experienced sudden deafness. Looked around, and saw the shadows surrounding us. For a second, they all stared at me, no eyes but gazes still penetrated through the deepest parts of my soul. In one second, I felt everything. Even the darkness trying to invade my aura. Deafness accelerated. I felt something fighting against the dark. Although it was not sufficient at the beginning, something conquered the demons. My ears became normal, as well as the atmosphere and the kidnappers. “Pizza 26!” Unfortunately that was for me… “After all the things I’ve overcome, I should not die.” I repeated to myself after every bite. I ate that pizza while thinking about my future. My life. What was next?

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