Planet Investment

As humans we have always been the samrtest bein that we know. As an advantage of being the samrtest, we always dominated or planet. Building places to live, controlling fire to protect and keep warm ourselves, inventing tools to make everything easier, tillaging the soil to have easy acces to food etc. As we did all that things, we polluted our planet in years. When we realised that we are polluting our home, we tried think solutions to that issue. Over 200 years, we are thinking of a solution which is about moving to another planet. There is aquestion in minds; “Should we move to another planet or stop polluting our home?”

Investing money to live in a new planet look like science fiction, for now. Investing money for things like that are essential for our future but very but very risky. That is because going to space is way too expensive. Even sending 1kg to space (lower earth orbit) costs between 10 000 dollars to 100 000 dollars. There is another issue which is space pollination. Everytime we send something to space, we throw some junk to space. The number of junk materials space increases evertime. Even right now! As it increases it makes it harder for us to leave the Earth. So, we need to do our investments as soon as possible. Even if it is risky, it is our only solution. Because even if we keep our home poluteless, only one planet still will not be enough for future generations. After all our population is groing rapidly everytime. There are some planets which are literally the same as Earth. Even though they all are light years away, with right engineering and technology we can find a way. Or, just move to a planet near to us. For example Venus.(I didn’t think Mars is suitible. There are some reasons but, as a summary Mars is too inhabitable to live) If we clear the greenhouse gases covering Venus, it’s temperature will decrease from that hell likely temperature.

Space is risky. Working with space and all that science fiction stıff may turn out well but what if it won’t? W will just sacrifice lots of money and time for nothing. That’s why space is risky. And there is no way we can leave Earth right now. That’s because of space junk. They are at so many numbers that we can not handle them. They are all stuck at orbit and crushing with each other, creating millions of sharapnels. This chain reaction started years ago and now it is out of control. Even a 1cm cube particle can easily pierce through a spaceship. There is no other way rather than cleaning our planet as it is nearly impossible for us to leave.

In my opinion, we need to leave Earth due to overpopulation. The situation looks nearly impossible for us but as being the smartest being, we can create a solution for this. Even with zero carbon footprint per person, we still can’t live only in one planet. We need to spread. If we create a very efficient fuel source for spaceships and try to do our best againist space junk we can do it. There are lots of project to clean space junk. It may look risky, but every important thing we did in the past was risky.

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