Planet of Money

Cryptocurrency is a very well-known sector nowadays. A lot of people use different types of digital amounts of money. There are nearly 5.500 different types of digital money around the world. The cryptocurrency was invented in 2008. People started to use it in 2009, and it circulated the world in a little while. “Cryptocurrency is an encrypted data string that means a unit of the coin.” in simple. However, can cryptocurrency replace real money in the future?

Cryptocurrency can be a good tool for earning some money for people, but it has some risks also. For example, thieves can steal your crypto money easily on some sites. They can reach your pieces of information and then take your digital money. Maybe, it has many benefits, but it is so risky. Because you are putting your money on it. Besides, if cryptocurrency replaces real money, people who are good at computers can reach your piece of information. And you cannot learn who that guy is because, on the internet, you cannot learn everyone.


Financial technology concept. Block chain.

Doing shopping online is very practice, but shopping in real life is very confidential. Because you can touch people who are giving you money or what you bought. So, if we want to save our money, we need to use real money, not crypto money. We can use crypto money still but it would not replace real money. Technology is developing all the time, and we have to keep pace with it. We need to develop ourselves, but we need to try to efface technology’s harms. Cryptocurrency is one of these harms. Cryptocurrency is a very beneficial and intelligent invention. It makes it easier to keep safe your money digital than cash, but digital money does not mean just crypto money. Cryptocurrency is a different thing.


It is not the same thing. You can invest your money easily. Also when you transfer your money to another bank, you do not need to strive with hefty sums. For example, if you want to transfer your money to your friend, you can just send 1 or 2 bitcoin. It makes your life easy. However, it is risky. When you do transfer, you have to be careful. Because your money can fly away and you cannot understand till your friend says you did not send me money.

Cryptocurrency is a very big invention for the world. You can do everything with your money in digital. You can transfer your money or try to do an investment. However, you have to find a way to protect your money. There are a lot of people who want to steal your money and which is too easy if you do not have enough security. This world is spinning around money.

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