Planting The Seed For a Better Generation

Parents are not magically infused with the knowledge and talent of parenting just because they can give birth or father a child. All “jobs” ,of which parenting is the most significant and challenging, require preparation. An individual with no proper schooling would never be allowed to open a doctor’s office. Which in this case means that it is mandatory for all parents to have parenting classes before having a child. Obviously, no parent has all the answers; so it does “take a village”.

For becoming the best parent version of yourself, parenting lessons can give you deeper insight into your children and your parenting style. Classes based on child development, methods of parenting and discipline, efficient communication and how to cope with emotions can provide you with effective ways on interacting with your children at home.

It takes a whole lot of courage to be a parent and act like you know what you’re doing. In fact, faith and confidence is key to successful parenting. You should convince your children into believing that you know what are doing, or else so they may feel feel insecure and have a harder time trusting others. Where do parenting classes come in handy? These classes will help you be more confident with your actions, which you will reflect onto your kids. Moreover, you’ll get a a chance to meet other parents who are going through the same things as you and discover strategies you can use when you actually are in need of help.



Parenting courses will help parents learn more about what to expect and plan for each developmental stage in the coming years. Researchers have found that a lot of parents unintentionally cause harm with how they praise their children. Many parents tell their kids that when they do something right on the first try, they are intelligent, however, research has shown that this can actually be counterproductive. Carol S. Dweck, a motivational researcher, discovered that when an infant is told that they are successful thanks to their intelligence, they become discouraged when they struggle to solve a challenge. Instead, it is advised to focus your praise on hard work and point out particular parts of the assignment where the child has clearly excelled in overcoming the task.

All parenting stages are daunting and children certainly do not come with instruction booklets. It’s certain that the end of the day every kid is different. A startegy that works with one kid may not work for another, and parenting classes may not resolve everything. However, as a parent, they will make you be more prepared, confident, and develop a stronger bond with your kids and help you help you raise them to be kind, productive, successful individuals who thrive in our society.

Kids spend the first 4-5 years of their lives with their parents. Many people don’t recall the first years of their lives, but in fact, those years are really important for children’s mental growth. There are so many aspects that affect how children view their environments, people, and how they see themselves. If parents were more aware about how important they are to the success and development of their children, this country will see a massive difference in the behaviour of children, adolescents and future adults. Eventually, something has to be done, so we need to plant the first seed…

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