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From the day you are born you are expected to act upon your sex and gender. Being a woman versus being a man has many distinguishing factors that play differently in each culture. Gender is learned in society through direct and indirect means. Gender refers to the social attributions, and relationships that are linked to what is being masculine and feminine. By understanding that society and culture are important factors in how different societies assign people different roles that correspond to their biological sex of male vs. female help understand why there is gender factors.
Gender Roles cince the start of humankind, unique things have been performed by way of men or women based on their physical activity. Society always divides everything into two classes: one is masculine behaviour, another is feminine behaviour. If I take work that would also be judged based on this work is manly or girly. Work, colour, hobbies, food, and drink everything is discriminated in two different roles.
The society described gender roles as social norms that should be followed by everyone in the community. Whereas human rights say that people have their freedom to do anything they are comfortable with. According to society, cooking, shopping, gardening, dancing are girly works. And earning money by doing a job is a manly work.
Generally, men are expected to be dominant and robust role. And Women are expected to be soft and dominated role. There are some stereotypes examples we can discuss. The first and popular one is society, or any ethnic, cultural community thinks that a woman would be more emotional, weak in the heart, and men are strong and robust in the heart. Even there is a proverb called, a man never cries. We sometimes assume that if a woman is doing a job, she would be a doctor or a teacher, and a man would be an engineer or lawyer. Where they have the choice to do anything they want to do. But still, they are being criticized for their jobs. Even if a woman gets a promotion in a corporate job, people judge her.
And on the other hand, if a boy took any feminine job like a teacher, society judges that the boy is dull. Sometimes hyper-feminine of a man and hyper-masculinity of a woman can be an excuse to bully them. Extreme gender stereotypes are harmful because these things don’t allow people to express their emotions.
But today’s generation is getting aware and concerned about the general role. We think widely about gender stereotypes and want to break the wall of discrimination. And hope one day will come where the gender ratio will be even in every country, and every person will get their identity respecting their gender.


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