I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. İt was him the last standing he came for me ı closed the door immediately. I took my gun and the money which he is looking for then. I jumped from my window. He shot me from my shoulder. Then I get into the hotel and wait for him to come.  He was fast. He shoot again ı was trying to escape from him. Then ı saw a car and jumped into it and told the guy in it to get me out of here. And then the last standing shot him from his head. He literally put a bullet middle of the guys. Skull then ı bow my head and start driving the car. He was continuing to shoot at the car. I was saying ı finally get away from him and think what happened. I crashed the car. He was coming, ı need to think fast then. I moved to the other cars which are in front of me . He came and when he, understood when ı was near with the cars which in front of him by my bloody steps. When ı get out of my trench. I meant the car he jumped and went near to the other car. Then ı shot at the car several times. Then when ı get near to the car ı found out that he escaped. Then ı passed out when ı opened my eyes. I found myself in a hospital. There was a guy sitting next to me his outfit is looking like a cowboy .then he said to me that he was not the guy which is chasing me. He was here to help, but the first ı need to give the money to him. I said no ı can defend myself. Then he laughed and he said this is just the beginning. I know guys like this they are like parasites. They just don’t give up until they die. So this is my phone number. You can dial me whenever you want. Then when ı get out of the hospital, someone called me. İt was him, last standing guy. He said that he killed the cowboy. And now he is coming for me, and then ı closed the phone and a big surprise happened the hospital.İ was in the Mexican border which just 100 meters away from the United States. When ı was getting through the border officer said. Tell me something, who do you think can pass from the United States of America’s border and then ı said ı don’t know American citizens. I guess then he said some American citizens who do you think besides and then ı said you recce and he said that is correct How do ı decide and ı said ı don’t know he said. I ask questions and ı get sensible answers then they pass from this gate. And enters to the United States of America ıf ı don’t get logical answers the can’t pass the gate and can’t get into the united states of America anything you do not understand about that and ı said no sir and he said then ı ask you again. How you come to be out here with no clothes. And ı said ı got an overcoat and he said are you joking with me don’t Jack with me you under service.And ı said ı know sir ı am a veteran now. and he said what outfit and ı said 12th Infantry Battalion August 7th, 1966 July 2nd, 1968. And then he allowed me to pass the gate then ı came to the police station. That’s all sheriff you can count on me.

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