Population Growth and the Problems It Will Bring

One of the common features of all living things is their ability to reproduce.However, the increase of non-human living communities is caused by ecosystems.is controlled.Thanks to human intelligence and technology, such a managed to stay out of control. Humans are at least world population growth, despite being one of the is one of its major problems.While the population growth rate increases around 0.5-1% in developed countries, In developing countries, it is increasing at high rates such as 2-3%. It development leads to significant changes and problems in the structure of the world. opens. Of the currently 6 billion world population, about 1 billion live in developed countries, and more than 5 billion live in developing countries.


So what challanges await people?Imagine if another two billion people would be added to the world’s population in the next 40 years — two billion people who need food, water, and shelter, whose needs have become even more urgent because of climate change.If immediate action is not taken, billions of people in the world will be faced with drought, food shortages, misery in cities, migration and conflicts due to rapidly depleting natural resources, as well as thirst, hunger, and poor living conditions, as the means at our disposal will not be able to meet their needs.So how does population growth affect the country’s economy?In recent years, much attention has centered on the rapid increases in population that is closely associated with the economical and political situation of any country. The economists suppose that the large scarcities in the future due to social, economic and political issues will occur, and this problem will threaten the humanity. A rapid increase in the population has made difficult in meeting of human wants and other problems reveal due to malnutrition and starvation issues. National income, employment, consumption of food substances, education and health expenditures, and dwelling requirements are directly associated with the increase in population and this matter need to be taken into consideration.



As a result, in my opinion, the biggest problem in the world is clearly population growth. The main problem of every problem in the world is population growth.Hunger, job problem, economic problems of countries, global warming, extinction of animals… Humans are responsible for all these problems.If there are more people, there will be a job problem, if there are more people, the country’s economies will be in trouble, if there are more people, the nature will be more polluted, and finally, if there are more people, more animals will be killed. The less people, the better the world.

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