Population Growth Or Population Decline

These last few years was the increase in world population and natural resources have decreased.But maybe few years later our population will decrease too.Both of the idea is terrifying if there are too many people in the world, this will lead to a shortage of resources and unemployment,if the population decrease,it will effect environment well.

Overpopulation, has positive way ,if there are more young generation it will help countries develop more.Also it has negative effect to the world.Population growth leads to a decrease in water,energy resources and unemployment,if we can’t reach these sources a lot of problem would happen.Think that you don’t have any  water in your house and you want to get water but they say to you we don’t have any water for 10 days, it’s not just water, it’s electricity,food,gas.In few years it would happen we use resources like we use it as if it exists forever.But these resources are not endless, one day they will run out,we should use resources provident.Unemployment would happen too because and economic crisis.Because of economic crises the employer is forced to employ half or less of the number of workers in need.

Underpopulation,it has positive effects for environment.At the beginning of 2020,the COVID-19 pandemic took its place in our lives, a lot of countries are quarantined because of covid and people couldn’t get out nature, the ozone layer and glaciers began to fixed that’s why overpopulation is good for environment but there are negative effects too if there is underpopulation,there are less births in the world.Let’s say 30 woman birth in month but if we have underpopulation less than 30 woman birth in month.

So, population growth and decline have good or bad effects,both have benefits and harms but the fact that the population is average is useful for everyone because if underpopulation happen it has less births but good for environment and if overpopulation happen there are source crises and unemployment but there are more young population there will be more developed countries.This is our world ,there is no other world,we must protect our world.Do you think overpopulation or underpopulation is good for world?

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