Population : should it be more or less?

The amount of population is one of the most discussed topic nowadays. Should it be limited by the governments with new rules, or is it fine to let the population become greater? Which one is better for our lives and our country’s welfare , less population or more population?



When we look at the greater population situation, we can see that there is a huge negative effects. First, there is construction insufficiency for more people in most of the countries. For example: in Istanbul, which is the most populated city of Turkey, there is a huge traffic and subway problem because there is not enough road and subway stations for all of the people. Secondly, there would be a slum problems because of the insuficcient amount of house. Also, government would have to spend more money to the community , therefore the economy would go downwards. Lastly, there would less job opportunites and more unemployed people.


On the other hand, there are positive effects of greater amount of population. There would be manpower and it would contribute to industry. Also this manpower also used by government for other areas like army. There would be more people which is so talented or genius and they could represent our country with their achievements.

For the other situation, if there would be less population, it would have negative and positive effects too. For the negative effects, there could be less manpower and ,because of the insuficcient manpower, industry, agriculture and military would be undeveloped then now. Also, there would be less service such as healthcare service because there wouldn’t be enough doctor.

For positive side, we can say there wouldn’t be problems like insufficient resources or construction because they would be enough for everybody if there were less amount of popularity. Also there wouldn’t be an unemployement problem. Government would spend less for the community because there would be less needs therefore economy would be better. There would be less crime because there would be better welfare. There wouldn’t be a slum problem because there would be enough area for everybody to live. There would be less poverty because the unemployement would decrease and the economy would be risen up. The nature wouldn’t be so harmed because of humans because they would have enough area and resources to live.



At the end, I think the less population woud be a better idea because it has more positive effects and less negative effects than more population. More population is also have positive effects but when it compared with it’s negative effects, negatives outweight more. That’s why I think less population is a better idea.

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