Population is an important topic that taking concentration on. In the history there are always population changes. The causes of changes are wars, diseases, etc. If population increases it’s called overpopulation. If population decreases it’s called under population. These population types have negative and positive effects.

Population affects poverty, economy, education, health and other things. First of all overpopulation are oppsite things.

Overpopulation is dangereous. It has lots of negative effects. Overpopulation affects city’s situation badly. For example it causes water shortages. When population increases consumption also increases. Another example is pandemys when there are diseases in a city. People who are living in that city affected badly by pandemy. Because when people interact with each other the number of patient increases. On the other hand overpopulation has positive sides too. For example in a crowded city there are more workers and they can product more things in a short time period.

Underpopulation has difficulties. It has negative effects. When there is an underpopulation people can not product enough, because the less number of workers. However there are positive sides too. For example in a pandemy these cities affected not badly. Because less population prevents high and increased patient numbers. People can control the pandemy easily.

Both overpopulation and underpopulation have negative and positive effects. But negative effects are more dominant than positive effects.

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