Intelligence, first of all, what is intelligence? Is it something taken out from a James bond movie or just another
desk job?  from my perspective I’d not say both, I believe Intelligence is a pillar that upholds a states values and power, without intelligence a state is not a state. Being employed in a intelligence agency is another blessing too if you love your country and your state. Intelligence officers are meant to be both the smartest and the most clever master minds of a country. Without being smart, you could give yourself away or perhaps, lose yourself. These people need to be clever, being able to get away in most cases and act clever. Counter Intelligence is also a important factor, being able to know who’s against you, many servicemen lack the ability to identify foreigners, in a professional way, intelligence servicemen must have a good understanding of cultures, apperances and such, without the understanding of cultures and knowledge of apperances it wouldn’t be legimate to consider yourself knowledged or a intelligence officer. It’s 2053, I attain the position of Director for Clandestine Operations, I operate a task force on the topic. I’ll mostly be hiring my officers on both their skills, intelligence level and usage of firearms, every operative that’s willing to join this task force must atleast be bilingual, All operatives must have a fair understanding of regions, history and geography. Clandestine operations are described as: “A clandestine opration is an intelligence or military operation carried out in such a way that the operation goes unnoticed by the general population or specific enemy forces.” So it is vital for my operatives to hold these traits will both help us and them be alive and conduct their operation in full secrecy and competence. As sucess in these operations rely on death or life, the competence of the operative and the training given by the state is as important as the operations the operative is going to attend. I believe any operative recruited to a task force like this with these type of requirements is to be considered the best of the best.

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