Possible Ways of Dreaming in Cruel Reality

Sometimes our lifes can be really challengy and filled with despair. We can easily see that the amount of people who are depressed or who committed suicide has increased and still increasing. That is because we are looking for a runaway from the reality of our cruel World. That is obviously pathetic and disstressing.

On the other hand of course most of us choose the way of dreaming and living in a World of figment of the imagination instead of suicide…etc.

İn my imagination I would dream a World which there exist a highly amount of love of plants and animals and all of the living creatures. Because human being destroy every one of them without pity.  We kill animals just for fun in fact there is a section of people who defends it is a kind of sport to kill animals, to hunt them.

We also destroy our nature and industrializing it under the name of development. Nowadays we can easily see skyscrapers, companies all around. That leads to a decrease in the number of plants and therefore lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen leads to an increase in the number of people who gets suffer from asthma, respiratory diseases…etc.

İn my imagination I would dream a World which there not only exist nature love also I would like to feel real human love. I wish we could replace all of the hate on this planet with love. Because people’s worst enemy is again people. It is unbelievable to see murder, abuse, rape, torture every day in the news.

Lastly I would dream a World where there is no difference between people about economical state. At least everyone should be full stomach in their warm and peaceful house. While some of us are living in luxury some of us can’t find a bread to eat or water to drink. This actually shows that we are not developed even a little bit.

Memleket İsterim Şiir İncelemesi

Maybe those are possible but probabyl never going to be fixed. Just as Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı said in his poem:

I want a country

let the sky be blue, the bough green, the cornfield yellow

let it be a land of birds and flowers


I want a country

let there be no pain in the head, no yearning in the heart

let there be an end to brothers’ quarrels


I want a country

let there be no rich and poor, no you and me

on winter days let everyone have house and home


I want a country

let living be like loving from the heart

if there must be complaint, let it be of death


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