Poverty in Africa

So, we all know that Africa is in a lack of food and because of that, the community of Africa is really, really hungry and poor at the same time. Well, people worldwide try to help these miserable people by sending them goods, so that they can be full. But now, we have a REALLY big problem. So many news or social responsibility projects say that when we eat food, we should give away the excess to people in need. But we have people in our world who just… don’t care at all, throws away the food in a “popular person” mood, SAD.

Hi, I’m jack. I was just want to talk about food lack in Africa. So before I start talking, I want to tell you that I’m also a victim of this topic, so please emphasize. In Africa, food is found really rare. That’s why we all are hungry, but the worst part is that because kids are hungry, they die due to hungriness and weakness of their body. So the conclusion is that kids in Africa can’t live because of poverty, but no one in our world cares because they have never felt that feeling. We need to fix this ignorance, so please help Africa. 





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