Power of Creativity

Chekov said that “Everywhere is a desert for anyone who feels lonely.” on the other hand Einstein said that “Beware the monotony and solitude of a life stimulates the creative mind.” First of all let’s examine both of them in details.

For Chekov human is a social being and needs to communicate with people as a routine of daily life. Communicating with people in an effective way  endicates loneliness. As a result of this end of loneliness people start to use their minds more and more. And also he says that the key for make somewhere special is not being lonely or not feeling lonely because being lonely and feeling lonely are totally different things in my opinion. Being lonely does not always mean feeling lonely. It might be staying in your own room and spend some time just to clarify your mind and be alone with your own ideas. Just the opposite people might feel lonely in crowded places.

On the other hand for Einstein believes that for a creative mind we need a quiet and ordinary life. Just this way we can explore a new thing or think something efficient. I think that he believes we need limited time and we should not waste it by thinking about unimportant stuff. We should just concentrate on what it is really matters in our lifes and makes our minds creative.

Albert Einstein quote: Creativity is one of those hypnotic words which are prone...

I agree with Einstein in this sentence: “Beware the monotony and solitude of a life stimulates the creative mind.” First of all when the beginning of humanity people had nothing. They were just survivors but apparently that was not enough and as a result of their monoton life they discovered countless things.

Secondly, when we think about todays World we can see a lot of examples to that too. For instance, when we do not have any homework or a plan with our family or friends we get bored in our room and most of us are looking at our phones and also watch movies and series. But what if we do not have them just like past tenses? Well, clearly we would get bored and start to looking for new things. That is exactly what creativity comes from.

I believe that creativity and imagination is really important because that is the source of development. Einsten also said that: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

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