Power Of Thoughts

According to the law of the universe when you want something and worked for it for a long time, and it didn’t happen it means you don’t want it. Maybe It seems very wackily. But sometimes we think we want something but don’t believe it will happen and because of this thought, it would never happen. So if you want something you should also believe that it will happen, think positively and act like it already happened. Just wait and see what happens! Of course, it’s not only about thinking positively you should also work hard for it and do your best. Let’s expand these sentences more


There are lots of theories about these topics. For example, according to murphy’s laws, “things will go wrong in any given situation if you give them a chance,” or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. For example, If you plan a picnic, it will rain on you. If you speed up to pass a slow driver, Murphy’s Law says there’s a state trooper just around the corner. So it basically says opposite what I mentioned before but l don’t believe that it is true because when you take precautions you can prevent bad things. If all people believe that we can easily see increasing of accidents, robbing or any time of the crime.


When we turn our first topic, we said that your thoughts have the power to manifest in your life. For example, if you think positively and visualize yourself with enough money to live comfortably, you will attract opportunities that can make these desires a reality. how can we apply it to our lives? We have some steps for it. Firstly, Get yourself into a constant positive frequency. Secondly, get involved in things you love…etc. (it contains 7 steps)


As a result, for me, if we can apply the law of the universe to our lives, it would be very helpful for us some of us may believe Murphy’s law but l don’t think it is good for our mental health. Most people don’t believe in the law of the universe, but even if it isn’t true, it still impacts our lives positively. It gives motivation and gives enough positive energy for working etc. maybe it teaches us how to not give up easily and never think negatively and stop working there are always other ways to do it.

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