When you say POWER, you think of special heroes in movies, right? Yes, that’s right, We’ll start talking about it. Let’s get started.

Nowadays, most of the time superheroes are usually names like Captain America Batman Superman.These names come to mind from movies or comics, if they don’t, they are superheroes. For example, the special power of sinking compared to others is someone who climbs somewhere with technological tools, knows how to fight, is like a normal person, but we can say that he is better than them thanks to his money and technology.but if a person or a soul has special powers, he does not get out of trouble, so the enemies of superheroes do not end, so even wanting to be a superhero requires a great responsibility.I went to all the movies released by Marvel, and lastly, I went to Venom Carnage, so I can be considered as a master of these superhero events. If I had a jealous situation, I would be very jealous of being a venom because even though venom is a parasite, it doesn’t accept it, but its repair power, growth power and many more like that, but venom I think if I had a chance to get jealous, it’s like I said venom.but only if I had the right to choose a superhero .Ironman Iron Man or the Hulk would be the reason why you didn’t want to be immediately anlatam the most advanced technology innovations that last Chest Armor iron armor at the time he took to wearing the vibranium kabl is less than the probability of damage and the world vurbanyum Bi guy a billionaire so the odds of selecting the other elements Hulk, and some of the planets most of the world’s most powerful Gu. he is the strongest in terms of it, and he is also a scientist in it, and I am also likely to choose him because of his intelligence, but I would like to be one of the two. 

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