I stand up from my bed with moved sleepy moves. I walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower, then I saw a strange, sinister photograph. That was a photo of a young, blonde boy. I took the photograph and examine it because until today that photo was not in my house. And I looked up myself because I was wearing a suit but I did not change my clothes after I woke up. Then I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address written on it. I read the address that was the address of my home. Then I panicked and go to the balcony and look around but no one was there outside.
I was terrified and panicked but then I relaxed and think about what can I do. So I decided to search for a phone at the home. 10 minutes later I found it but there was no signal. Therefore I searched the house to find something to tell me where am I. 20 minutes later I found a map and I tried to plot where am I so that I realized I was in a small suburb near to the city. Then I take some materials and went out.
Outside I search for a car or bus that can take me to the city. After that I found a bus that will move to the city 10 minutes later, I bought a ticket and take my seat. After a 1-hour travel bus stopped at the city centre I take my materials and went to my home. When I came home I ring the bell, my mother opened it and directly ask me, “Where were you?”. I replied, ”I was in a suburb that is 1 hour from the city centre but I don’t know how I went there.”.
I was really hungry therefore my mother give me a great breakfast and I enjoyed it. Then decided to search for the suit and in the inner pocket of the suit I found a picture, the picture was my picture with my friends that was from yesterday and I was drunk. I turned the picture and read the sentence written on the paper it says, “Bro please forgive us for our bad joke. After you became drunk we decided to make you a joke so we take you to Jim’s father’s empty house and leave you there and we wear you a suit so you will be more confused. I hope you don’t get too much angry see you later.”. That was explaining everything, after that I forgive them and we keep being good friends.

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