Since the beginning of humanity, there were always some people that first thought about the good of the people then were blinded by the power and abuse it. This is because most of them can’t handle the power and the statue the people gave them. After having power, they mostly become addicted to it and start to cause damage.

History saw tons of people like that. They ended up harming themselves and their environment. But ancient Romans had an idea to deal whit it. They didn’t let someone make something for benefit of the people. They did this to prevent them from experiencing power poisoning. This method has some benefits and some downsides, but they believed it’s better for the long term.

If we want to talk about the benefits of this method, we need to understand why some people who wanted to help people became addicted to the power. Generally, when someone who is not used to something suddenly gets it in unregular amounts, and as they don’t know how to handle it, they will screw it. To make it clearer, when you give a poor guy a huge amount of money, they will start spending it like it is not going to finish and end up poorer than the beginning, we can use this as an example. In this situation they will take more attention than they used to, so they won’t be able to control the power.

The power that those types of people mostly harm the environment. To prevent the damage they will deal, the easiest way is just don’t let them have a chance to collect the power. In long term, it can even save a whole country. It may not be the most effective way, but it will prevent a lot of damage.

On the other hand, there are always some downsides. We can not say everyone will be like that. Sothis method will cause some actual good people that will make a great contribution to something may disappear without being recognized.

Long story short we cannot say this is a completely good or bad thing. But we can easily say that this is not the best way. While trying to recover from a disaster, we face other difficulties. This method may be improved and after that, it can be useful. But blocking everyone is not a logical idea to prevent the cause of the damage.

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