Preface To the Truth

In order to be successful, it is not enough to just work or just be intelligent. For a person to succeed, both intelligence and work have great importance. No matter how hard it is without intelligence, it is known to be repaid for the efforts put in. You’ll be pedaling in vain. Likewise, you don’t get anywhere without a labor effort, without shaping intelligence, without self-improvement. However, compared to these two situations, it can be seen that the importance of work, the effort put forward, is greater. Because no matter how intelligent a person is, if it is not refreshed and used for labor it will not be enough to accomplish a job.

There are people around us who are very smart, but some of them do not use their intelligence for positive things.  As Tolstoy said, ‘work is the most important condition of life. That’s the only way humanity can achieve happiness.’ The success of the person is first to have a goal, and then to work with the right strategy for this goal depends on taking the right steps at the right time. People who set their goals, analyze the current situations very well, and make efforts in this direction must achieve their goals. No matter how smart the person is, even if he tries to get a job done by relying solely on his intelligence without any effort, he will not be able to do it in the best way he wants to. Because success always takes labor and effort. If we give an example of this from daily life; We can observe that the lives of people who work and master on their job are in order, which affects peoples moods positively. But a person who trusts his intelligence and does not work, who does not make an effort, no matter how smart the person is, he’s not going to make any progress in his work. This leads to failure in that person’s life. 

To evaluate the gains that works provides to people correctly, using the right strategies at the right time is an important step to succeed in their job. To have this ability, it is also necessary to make a great effort and to be able to evaluate the intelligence correctly. That is why everyone should set their goals and make the most of it by working hard in this direction, making a lot of effort, putting their effort into it, not wasting their intelligence, making the most of it.

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