Hi, I’m Emily. I am sixteen years old right now. I am playing some instruments and I’m good at it. I mostly play piano which is my favorite. I started playing it when I was three years old. We weren’t a rich family. But our economic situation was okay. My mum and dad were always working. Until that day I didn’t know the reason. Last month I had a piano show. It was important. My mum and dad had to work so I was going to be alone. The show was perfect. Everyone liked it. I thought that if my mum and dad see it, they would be so happy. That day also I was going to talk about how I became a good pianist, but I was nervous. I worked so many times and I practiced it so many times, but I was still nervous. When the time came, I go to the stage with so many people clapping. I was going to start to speak, I saw her in that crowd. My mum was there. She was smiling at me. I could see the happiness in her eyes. She was so proud of me. When I see her, I wasn’t nervous anymore. I did my speech, and everyone clapped me. My mum also clapped. My dad wasn’t there because he couldn’t take permission from his job. And that day I learned that My mum and dad was working more to earn more money for my music career. My instruments, my lessons, etc. And this is the story I learned my parents are so self-sacrificing.

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