Pride and Despite

Walking down the street, rain pouring and the raindrops joining my hopeless tears running down my cheek. Eyes and nose swollen and reddened, all tangled up from the heat of the moment, my long piceous hair soaking wet, shivers winding all around my body from the cold cold weather- not forgetting the inappropriate choice of clothes as of little shorts and a hoodie; I thought, I am probably going to catch a cold, how nice. My phone dead, not being able to even call someone to pick me up, I wandered all alone. I cannot say that I am complaining though. I adore rain. Also being sick and watch series while I sip my lime tea: two other things which I adore.

The thought of him, visiting me when I am sick, suddenly pops into my mind, just for a second. Then I remember the infuriation and the frustration I felt, feel towards him and suddenly flare, hardening my steps. You could probably tell that this furious soaking wet young lady walking in front of you is out of her mind. I was only a little angry and maybe a little out of my mind at the moment though. I stopped by a car, trying to see myself. My mascara. My dear waterproof mascara. It was running down my cheeks painting them black. I still could look so fine with mascara dripping, hair and clothes soaking wet, nose swollen… I sure know how to cheer myself up, I thought. Gotten a little better, I started thinking more healthily and decided to haven somewhere until the storm stopped. Catching a glimpse of a boutique perfume shop, I quicken my steps.

I felt warm. Something warm is touching me, I thought. Someone was holding my arm, so sudden and harsh it was, unexpectedly. He hates rain. But I could tell his touch, it was him indeed. I refused to turn back and tried to get out of his hand. So tight it was, almost impossible to get out. A rage rising up from my toes to head, at once I was shouting at him to let me go. Feeling the relief and satisfaction of him not giving me up and finding me, at the same time I was so full of hatred to be seeing his perfect glance with his perfect brown eyes. I managed to ge out his hand and tried to walk away as he literally took me and forcibly carried me to his bike. I no longer resisted as I was dripping water. He gave me his jacket and lended me a helmet. I was bursting with rage for not resisting and going with him even though I could, and actually intended to. It turns out my mind is playing tricks on me. Pity.

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