Prison Issue

In our country has numberless prison and it continues to be done every day.  Generally these prisons are full. Two people are sleeping on one bed in prison sometimes a guy sleep in morning and the other guy sleep in night because prisons are full. Anybody do not query of this but this is so big problem for this country. We need decrease the prison number of the Turkey.


Why we need a decrease the prison number? Because if every guilty think “If I am killing people I staying in the prison and I have bed” every prisoners think like this. We need put new laws and these laws need to be so heavy. If they are not crimes will be increase again. Laws can not give permission to commit. If we put execution again guilties are scare and do not commit again. Because death scare makes people everything, can make sad, can make bishop and etc. We can torture penalty put in the penalty if we do it no one can not commit. We can see the results these laws in the past because in 18th century France, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal did this. Anybody can not commit and they live in peaceful.


What can we do for old prisons? First option we can transform a museum because people can learn how prisoners live in this conditions and we can give example of that Ulucanlar Cezaevi Ankara. Secondly we can transform a high school because in our country has big problem about high schools we can transform some rooms lab some rooms sports hall and this is so good for Turkey.


We need to be careful about this. Because in every day prisoners are increase and if prisoners increase prisons are increase. Our country do not want this but they are not doing anything about it I think crimes will increase in our country because our laws are so friendbasi

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