Man in prison


Every friday night my grandson Benny came to my house while his parents were joining a dance competition programme. From his perspective, I was ninety years old, with hairy chin, false teeth and white hair. Wearing mauve cardigan, floral-print dress, tan tights and burgundy slippers. There were some of the main things that Benny hated about me: Mushroom soup that I was cooking every day, books which I forced him to read, made him go to bed early and playingScrabble with me. I was disappointed and started to create this advanture for him. However I didn’t imagine the end of the story would be like this.

As usual I cooked him that soup which he poured out of the window and tried to find something to eat.  He knew that I had a secret stash of chocolate and other sweets that I kept on a top shelf in the kitchen. My mushroom soup left him as hungry as woolf so he lifted the biscuit tin that felt really heavy. Benny shook the tin twice but it didn’t sound like it had biscuits inside. It was like it had stones or marbles in it. Benny opened it and couldn’t believe what was inside. Diamonds: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earings and more diamonds. Benny’s mind was racing. Where on earth had granny found the diamonds?

Next day after the sleepless night he decided to come back and find out the truth. He waited me to leave the house to find the answer. After some investigation he saw a magazine with the photos of the jewelry and it was written ‘’The most wanted jewel thief in the world!’’  Benny’s head was exploding with the million questions. Why, where, who, when, what?

When I was back I came across with his frightened face waiting  for answers. So I said him ‘’You have to swear not to tell a soul. Even your grandfather went to his grave not knowing.’’

For hours, I was telling about all the dimonds I have stolen. Finially, I mentioned one jewel that nobody could steal. It was crown jewels in the Tower of London. It seemed impossible but Benny persuaded me to scrounge it. We  found the map of an old town where the buildings along  the river side had big pipes leading  from their toilets into the river. So this plan was the key to stealing the crown.

The biggest problem that we didin’t know what to do if we were going to get caught red-handed. That night we took my old motorbike and all equipment that we needed and went away. When we came to the river we crowled into the dirty pipe with our nose closed with a pin. Finially we entered too the tower’s toilet. Along winding corridor streached out ahead of them. This was where all tourists queue for hours to see the crown jewels.

What we had to do just to break throught the glass. While thinking how to change the crown with the fake one we saw the figüre stepped out into the light. We froze in terror. It was the Queen.

On the same moment police captured me, tied my hands behined my back. When we arrived to police station I told all truth about dimonds which I had never stolen. I created this adventure for my grandson.

My only wish was to turn from borin, old lady to joyful friend to Benny…




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