Privacy & Hidden Names

 Internet has been one of the biggest innovations of 19th century. Day by day, people found it extremely useful and fun in some certain cases. As they enjoyed  their internet connections, privacy had been a concerning subject all around the world. People started to worry about their personal data, their secret or hidden texts, posts and researches they made in web browsers. They wanted an insurance provided for them to continue using internet with trust and reliability. With anonymus comments being allowed, people now can share their ideas without lacking self-confidence.

Even though, it had been a great opportunity for people to share everything they like freely and as a conclusion sincerely ; not knowing who wrote the idea brings a little suspicion with it. If someone shares something that needs to be critised or in other words punished, there is a giant wall of protection as hidden ID. Let’s assume that a guy named Tom, shared an private photograph of his friend Lily. It is legally a crime to share someone’s voice, images, photographs, belongings, personal data in the net without permission. But since we do not know who shared the photograph, it is nearly impossible to find the criminal and give punishment as he deserves. So, getting an extravagant privacy insurance -e.g. having the right to hide name-  sometimes can lead to other privacy issues.

Major thoughts must have been defensive about annonymus comments allowence, since there is not certain regulations about using that kind of right yet. What I mean is that there must be a solution to kill two birds with one stone. There might be an indicator of swear, political issues, personal data etc.. Whenever those kind of phrases are indicated, the name must be given. The applications, websites, social media must be rearranged in this way to keep the ‘user’ responsible for what he/she said about wider range of topics as mentioned above. Thus, user can decide to share it or not according to the decision of admitting consequences.

Despite having loads of opposite ideas about privacy, all people agree on existence of an issue about privacy. They constantly argue whether this problem can be solved or using the internet could be accepted with this side of it. Could solutions be a curtain to our lives? Or internet is already an eye upon us? Whatever your answer is, you certainly have the right to know, at least the person that makes comments about you. It might seem fun to have something unknown, but as time passes there won’t be anything more irritating than that. Internet is a dangerous ocean, deep would kill you. Keep swimming in the shallow and stand behind what you have done and written in the net. Keep safe!

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