Each and every one of us is born with the potential to think and create. Only humans have this talent, as opposed to other species. In our daily lives, many individuals think about and strive to solve difficulties. It might be a math difficulty or a day-to-day issue that has to be resolved. Even if it’s a minor task, we require intellect to do it.



Many individuals believe that intellegence is a distinguishings feature of persons  like, Aziz Sancar. On the other hand people believe that working or trying harder increases a person’s intelligence. A person acts in accordance with his or her beliefs. Even if there is potential pessimism will lead people to avoid working .Working takes commitment, effort and patience.You don’t become a genius by working once or twice. There are succes steps to climb or to follow and it all relies on how hard a person works. A person may not be born genius, and not everyone is born clever and brilliant, but they make a very succesfull life if they work hard.There are many examples to this situation; like scientists or famous athletes.


At school, some students are subjected to some labeling by their teachers. However, this will have no bearing on their future. For example, Thomas Edison created iconic innovations such as the light bulb, the electric lamp, the phonograph and the movie camera among others. And aided in the advancement of technology. But he had a lot of failures in school. He was fired by school management, not because of poor test scores or anything, but because it was determined that he could not learn at school due to his delayed perception. Eventhough, he did not withdraw he pushed himself, even worked harder and made life-changing innovations. Another example can be given from known by all Albert Einstein. Considered the most important and most scientist of the 20th century, Alber Einstein was an introverted child who did not like to play and started talking very late, at the age of four. Despite being smart, he was expelled from school an deven stigmatized as “incompetent” by his teachers. As we can see from the examples as well, eventhough these scientists had a rough times during their school times. They were not genius, but had found a way, maybe did the same experiment millions times but at the end achieved succes by working hard. So as Aziz Sancar, I don’t think intellect is what seperates people from each other. Each and every person on earth can achieve unbelievable things by working hard and climbing those success steps.

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