Probabilitites Are Weird

What is a probability? Is there a way to change or manipulate it according to our benefits? Why do probabilities exist?                                                                                                                                                 Probability is basicly the chance of something happening. They do exist because there is a potential for something to happen in every second. And there are ways to change and manipulate the rate of something happening.

Think probabilities as a cube-shaped dice, let’s say you want number 6 to come up at the upper face. Then, there is a 1 divided by 6 chance of 6 coming at the upper face. The probability of something happening in the universe is like that. The universe throws a bunch of dices each second and a thing happens according to them. Each second a different thing happens just because of that. Let’s give an example for that, let’s say there is one in a million chance for a meteor crushing an killing you. Think it like the universe is throwing a million faced dice each second and expecting number 1 to appear at the upper face. If 1 appears at the upper face, the you will die at that second due to that meteor.

Now we know about the basics of probability, let’s look at a quote told by Murphy: “The probability of something happening is inversely proportional to the probability of wanting it.” Isn’t it weird? According to this quote, the chance of something happening can change due to someone wanting it to or not to happen. Then this dice moddeling corrupts. Let’s think about the cube-shaped dice again, we want 6 to appear at the upper face and the suddenly the dice changes to a dice with more faces. This decreases the chance of 6 appearing at the upper face. Can something like this happen? But if we look at our lives, we can relate. We always want or don’t want something to happen in our livesi but somehow the opposite oftenly happens. Weird. Maybe it is just not a mathematically related theory.

Now let’s look at another quote said by the law of attraction: “When you truly want something and go after it without limiting yourself with disbelief, the universe will make it happen!”. As you can see this quote is the opposite of the quote said by Murphy. This theory also breaks the asic of probability. If we try to explain it with the dice experiment, the opposite from the Murphy’s quote happen. The number of the faces of the dice decrease and the chance for the number we picked appearing at the upper face increases.

Those two theories both break the basics of probability. In my opinion, those two theories are just about belief. If you believe that always the things you want don’t happen, then you probably think like the Murphy’s quote. But if you think that the things you wanted oftenly happens, then you may think lay the law off attraction. For me, those two theories are absurd, the probability can not be changed. I believe in my life like that: If something has a x chance of happening, then it always happens with a chance of x, the x value can not be changed.

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