It was a cold, typical Monday. I was just about to leave my house and I realized that the weather was glacial. How could’ve I had known that only getting my coat would save my day?

Since I was living in Greece, normally, there were dozens of islands. Our class members kept begging the teacher for two weeks to go on a trip, but our teacher would spurn the offer as it was a freezing winter. But today, surprisingly, our teacher quoth that she actually thought about the idea on going on a trip and actually came the though that we should actually go on a trip, and that we are unexpectedly going today! When I privately asked her where we were genuinely going, she told me to calm down and sit silent. She didn’t tell me. Well, of course, at first I was really excited but later on, I began to get worried.

Yes, by the following hour we were about to get on the vehicle that was gonna take us the the trip place. Well, when I saw the vehicle that we were about to get on, I was really, REALLY flabbergasted. Guess what? The vehicle was an ENORMOUS big vessel. Were we going to an island? “Wow! Absolutely amazing!” I though at first… I had really memorial memories on the ship. It was surprisingly fancy, clean and lux, for a mysterious reason. I had been on several ships before and never had i ever seen such a luxurious one before. I was amazed to be honest. We even had the opportunity to play pinball! Isn’t that fascinating? I think that’s a yes.

When we had arrived to the island with our huge vessel, I was hoping to see some restaurants or similarly cafes, at least one. But nothing was around and it was freezing cold at -7°C. Why was everyone so cheerful? There isn’t even a single human sign that shows life on the island. It’s like an abandoned haunted mansion, but precisely a larger version. You will understand my doubt in the following paragraph. I asked my teacher the time that we were leaving, and although “two hours” isn’t that big of a deal, I was still praying that the time would pass faster.

I couldn’t sleep the previous night and i woke up early this morning so I had a lack of sleep. I attempted to take a nap on the “really really soft stone hard rocks” and actually, umm… slept there. For three hours. But wait, weren’t we leaving in two hours? Yup. You guessed right. I was forgotten on a deserted island that was visually the most distanced one to the country Greece. I didn’t know what to do. Of course, eventually i got rescued, or else I wouldn’t be writing this story BUT no one could even imagine how worried I was on a huge deserted island, all alone. Now, when they ask me, “What would be the only three things you would take if you were stuck on an island just by yourself?” , i know for a fact that i would need a long time to really think about that question.

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