Programmed Attraction

Most of us float along with experiences of life. It’s quite often when we want something so bad, yet we can not have it. And it’s quite often when we acquire something we would never thought we could have. When positive things happen, we are quick to say it happened as a payment of our hard work. However when bad things happen, we tend to blame it on our bad luck. Law of Attraction helps us to wake up to the fact that everything that is happening in our lives is only the result of what we are constantly feeling and thinking. This fact can move us from the position of a passive observer to controllers of our own world.

A person with a negative attitude towards life wakes up and sees only negativity all around. They see that bad things are happening to them and might even feel like they are cursed. Anyhow, Law of Attraction tells us that we can consciously choose our life experiences by thinking and feeling positively, we can change our realities for the best. Law of Attraction works by our mind energy matching the frequency of the things we want’s energy. In a way; your thoughts, conscious or unconsious, build the world around you. Surely, this might seem unlogical to some. Nonetheless, we assume things all the time. Why not assume and believe the positive then? It will eventually benefit back to you but even if it does not, it will still save you from the anxiety of negative thoughts.

It’s easy to let the negative assumptions fill your mind up. It’s easy to blame our surroundings for the bad things that has happened to us. Maybe that is why things have not been going your way. If you think you can never get what you want, then your concentration of vibrations will not match the vibrations of your desire. Every single thing in this world is made up off of energy. I am made off of energy. So are you. And so are everything around us. Everything is constantly in motion and vibrating. The only thing you ever need to do to attract is tomatch your energy with your yearnings.  Now, I’m not saying that once you think confidentally about something it will come to you with no effort shown. Working for the things you want is a part of matching your vibrations since by putting effort in, you show how much you actually crave that specific thing.

Everything in your current life, everything you used to have and everything you will have in the future is a result of Law of Attraction. Whether you believe in it, whether you lnow how to use it… It doesn’t matter. Your mind is so powerful that once you learn to control your subconscious, you’ll see everything is going your way. Keep working for it and keep believing. That’s the key. That’s the only key to life you need to know.

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