Psycho Movie Review

Psycho (1960), is a path-breaking thriller that was directed by the brilliant director Alfred Hitchcock. It is considered one of the best horror movies of all time and still fascinates the people who watch it.

Alfred Hitchcock, one of the best movie directors of all time, broke the most barriers with this movie and had an enormous impact on cinema. The movie tells us the story of the secretary (Janet Leigh) who embezzles $40,000 from a client and decides to stay at a remote motel run by a young man named Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins). It is based on the novel of the same name, written by Robert Bloch. The story is not fully based on but inspired by the serial killer named Ed Gein.

Psycho, does not contain lots of long dialogues but still tells you the story very clearly. The movie makes you empathize with almost all of the characters in the movie, including the psycho. It contains a lot of plot twists that make you pay attention, even though you can guess some of them. Hitchcock wanted to surprise the watchers so he didn’t let anyone into the theater after the movie started, bought the rights of the books and stopped publishing them, and begged people not to give spoilers to others. Psycho was one of the first movies that contained a scene that showed a toilet. Most people disapproved of the movie because it was showing “inappropriate things” like the toilet.

Besides the great directing of the movie which made us emphasize with characters, also the acting was really impressive. Although the plot was predictable to some people, the story was engaging too. Psycho made way for some other great horror films too.

All things considered, I believe “Psycho” is a legendary film. Even though it is an old one, I think everyone should watch it at least once. Especially; the people who are interested in cinema, horror movie lovers, and people who consider being a movie director.


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