There are so many crimes that have to be punished by law. Punishment methods changed many times since the judicial system starts. The common purpose of all of the changes was to reduce crime. If the authority had not changed crimes into a reward such as in prisons, crimes could have decreased. Four basic legal systems that are currently being widely applied is available. These are Continental European Law, Islamic Law, Common Law and It is the Socialist Legal System. 


All of the people have different sensitive points that is why special ppunishments should be applied to everyone. Although it seems difficult to create such a method, it greatly reduces the crime rate. Most of the  people do not consider the restriction of their freedoms a threat, so they turn to crimes. If the same penalties continue to apply, it will be ordinary to go to prison because if the system does not change, people get used to it. 


Crimes committed in order to continue life, such as stealing food, are the fault of the country’s economy. As a solution to this, creating more job opportunities for people can reduce this crime. Security facilities should be increased, even this should be done at the beginning because insufficient security makes all crimes easier. 


 The fact that the criminal system has become severe is not a balanced thing because cruel punishments can lead to injustice.If the punishment system becomes lighter, it increases the penalties. The task of the state is to work to find the middle ground.

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