How dare we human beings think that we have the right to change everything when we cannot even change the current situation we are in? We are just sinful beings waiting our time to come while trying to get our best from the things we are doing or planning to do. We try to show ourselves and want to be the best, the mighty, the perfect person knowing that we all are the same with each other. The same with the person who ruined the planet that the Mother Nature had given us. The same person who took thousands even millions of lives even from the children that were worried about nothing but the chocolate between their tiny hands waiting to be held by their mom. All of them were ruined by again humans with the thought of they were not “sufficient enough to live” or “for the sake of peace”. Since when we are the ones to decide how much time they can spend on others one and only lives.
We were born in a world without knowing none of the things we will go through within again in the unknown time being. The uncertainty, the possibility of everything, all these make many of us scared. When you think of these you actually agree with the “oh so powerful” creator. No coward soul would want to be down in a place like this knowing what will happen to them. What made us humans continue was the thought of the “What if this time things will work?” or the “There is still a chance.”. All of us try our best to expand our limits, to hold on to the little chances of a better life, to live inside our hopeful dreams decorated with a utopia waiting for us.
Even if we are holding on to the possibilities, are we truly doing our best to change the environment around us or ourselves? Or are we just pretending to choose the good ones by manipulating our minds to believe while deep down having no intention to do these and accepting the fact that things will never change? Who knows? Nevertheless, humans are one of the creations of this so mysterious universe full of mortal beings. Having many things we all want to do with a limited time unknown to us while adapting to the current positions we are in pushes us between these two lines never truly letting what we want to do with ourselves. We are just trapped between our so dear dreams coated with happiness and the reality and unbalance of reality. Maybe this was again one of the factors that kept up going with our lives: Gambling with the things we want to do while time chases behind us. The thriller. Just like trying to fit your blessing to the under part of an hourglass while every sand particle of your limited time drops on them eventually stopping falling.

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