Two years ago, my father was appointed to Qatar Al-Udeid Base for six months. In semester holiday he organized a trip to Doha, the capital city of Qatar, for our family. He made hotel reservation for five days. The name of the hotel was Saray Musharib. It was a big hotel in the city center. He took our flight tickets from Pegasus Airlines. I was so excited before the trip. Because this was my first foreign trip.

               We packed our suitcases one day before the trip. Our flight was from Sabiha Gökçen to Qatar Doha Hamad International Airport. So, firstly we went to İstanbul. In Sabiha Gökçen Airport, we passed through the international gate by our passports. Our flight took 4 hours. When we landed to Doha, the weather was very hot and my father was waiting for us. We went to our hotel. The hotel had five rooms like a flat. The next day, we went to a touristic place called Souq Wakıf. It was full of tourists. There were a lot of souvenir shops around. We saw falcons and there was also a falcon hospital. The next day, we went to Islamic Arts Museum in Cornishe. At night, we went to Lulu Electronic market. My mother took an iPhone. And then, we went to City Center for shopping . We bought a lot of clothes from Colombia Shop. My mother also bought Skechers shoes from there. The next day, we went to a shopping mall that there were small channels  and inside there were small boats like Venice. There was a big torch at the top of a skyscraper. The next day, we went to desert safari. We rode camels. We walked on the sand. There were sand hills. The time passed rapidly. The last day we went to Pearl. There were big yachts in front of the houses and a Ferrari shop.

Doha was a dream city. There were lots of things to do. If I go there again I will feed falcons again. It was dangerous but amazing.  Their heads were closed.  They help you to feed them. You can never see a place like that.

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