Quality Over Quantity

There is a current population of eight billion in the world which live in 195 different countries. With thousands of languages as much as nationalities this population is divided into many ethnic and linguistic groups. As there are countries which are founded on a national identity people seem to want their country to be better than the others because there is a capitalist system that forces countries to compete in order to develop economically and in order to have the limited resources in the world.

This complicated socioeconomic system of the world does not offer a competition of equal rights to countries. The ones with the higher numbers of workers – these are the people who produce hardware to create a considerable amount of income to the country – are the ones the higher chance of winning this finance race. The others, however, are exploited on by the winners. Even this brings another problem: People on the losing side will eventually star to migrate to the winning side. Then there will no more be a country to race with or trade with. By this, all the so called “mighty” –economic wise– countries are actually preparing their own death by their own hands.

As a matter of fact, although it seems that the magnitude of population is the thing that matters, quality is always over quantity. So, smaller countries still have a chance to get back on the line and continue the race but it is harder than it seems. If they want to have a valuable reputation among their counterparts then they have to work, think, and compete even harder. Because they would have to educate their entire population and produce hardware or software which worth more than the ones that are produced by their rivals. This requires, naturally, a well organised future plan of the country which includes all the actions that must be taken by the government in the next fifty to hundred years and an open-minded population which can accept new concepts at any rate and time without questioning it.

Over all, although the bigger countries with more populations seem to have a better chance of outdoing the smaller countries in the field of finance, the reality is the complete reverse as they are poorly organised as a nation and usually have corrupted governors. And the ones with smaller populations have the better economy and life standards most of the time. This explains why Finland is happier than China very well.

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