Hello everyone, In the article I wrote this month, I will tell you what I found myself and what I did during the time I spent at home from March 2020 to April 2021. Let's start without further ado

In March 2020, the news channels said that a dangerous virus had emerged and said that this virus was deadly. And I slept hard for 3 months with that fear. Anyway, let's not distract the issue. The end of January was very active. Schools were closed in March and curfew came to everyone, we could only go from 12 noon to 16 noon.When the first ban was lifted on Wednesday, April 16, when the weather started to get warmer, we bought a new bike for me and during the summer break, I just eat, drink and sleep at home, except that I was always outside in September or It was said that schools will be opened towards October, but if how many students prayed, the schools would continue from afar, and I am very happy to hear that. The next day, when I went out, the glass sank on my bike wheel and exploded. I couldn't get on my bike for a week. Towards the end of October, the weather got cold and I took shelter at home for about 3 months was empty, then the year was 2021 and there was a lot of snow in the amkara and I took my snow sled out and it was downhill. I made the road with bends, I got to accelerate and I went out last weekend because the weather got warmer again and now I will always go outside after doing my homework.

Thanks for reading this month this month
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