Queen of Chemistry

After the door was knocked, my assistant Buse came in and said that the hall was ready for the meeting in 15 minutes. After I approved it, I put the file I prepared from the big library behind my desk on the table and checked its contents one last time. After deciding that there was no problem, I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes before the meeting. After putting on my jacket, I took my file and got out of my odds. The sound of my heels echoed in the hallway leading to the meeting room. When I got to the door, I took a deep breath and stepped inside. After 1.5 hour meeting with my new business partners about our project, both sides were satisfied. After accompanying the partners to the exit, we decided to have a meal as soon as possible. While they were getting in their vehicles and leaving the company, I went to the lab instead of going to my room. After talking a bit with the chemical engineer and chemists inside, I put on my apron instead of my jacket.
For the things on my mind, I first gathered my necessary things on the table in the corner, then put on my gloves and glasses and started my experiments on the last subject I worked on.

As all the employees left the company one by one, only me and the security guards working in the laboratory were left. As my phone rang, I got up from the table I was leaning against as I let myself fall on the stool with exhaustion. I was worried there would be a problem when the caller was the security guard on duty today. When I answered the call and said there was a lady who wanted to see me, I asked her to accompany me to the laboratory. A short time later, when the laboratory door opened, I got up from my seat and greeted the lady who had come.

He mentioned that he is the rector of an engineering university and that they will hold an award ceremony with successful engineers soon. I could not refuse this invitation because you came personally to invite me. He was very happy when I emptied my calendar and mentioned that I would be there no matter what date it was. After chatting with him a little more, the clock was ticking and we left the company together.

The award ceremony, one month later, came in a very short time. I was proud of my stylish and powerful reflection in front of the mirror. I came here alone, without accepting the support of anyone. The result of my effort and wit paid off in a short time.

Now I was going to get an award as an idol to a lot of young engineers, nothing could make me more proud than that. After deciding that I was ready, I left my house and got into my car to reach the university just in time. The rector, who heard that I was coming, greeted me at the door and introduced me to many people until the award ceremony.

When everyone went to the conference room, I sat in the place reserved for me. The ceremony, which started well, attracted the attention of everyone with the rector’s appearance on the stage.

– Now, we would like to give an award to an engineer who never gave up on his ambitions and goals despite his young age. In addition to making a name for himself in the chemical industry, he is frequently mentioned for the importance he gives to the education of children. Now I invite him to the stage and I would like to present the award with the hope that it will be a light for new engineers.

With an understated but strong smile on my face, I walked up the stairs to the stage. After receiving my award from the rector, I proceeded to the audience with applause to make my speech. Just as he was about to start speaking, I glanced around the audience seats one by one and saw him standing as if he was waiting for me to look at him. All my facial expressions froze on my face. The last time I saw him was when he was graduating from college, and there was no logical reason for him to be here right now. I gathered myself as soon as possible and delivered my speech. He did not take his eyes off me for a moment until I sat down.

Why? Why did he come all of a sudden?

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