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Nutrition plays a crucial part in staying healthy but nowadays due to stress and lack of time most of us skip meals or instead of cooking food, we prefer eating convenient food. The question is how can we stay healthy and change the way we eat?

If we look through the past times, we can see that they had much more time and they were richer than us in terms of natural sources. It was easier for them to farm and produce fresh food. “So are there any chances for us to eat healthy food?” you will ask and my answer to you is “Yes, there are many ways.” and I will show them to you today.

One of the basic things we are doing wrong is that we are always giving the lack of time or money as an excuse. If we stop doing this and get a grip on ourselves, our eating habits can change in a big way.

You have many quick and cheap options even though you are short on time. For example sticky rice, vegetables and soy sauce which will cost you $4.76 in total for 6 servings and 70 cents each. You don’t have enough time for cooking the rice or you don’t have the ingredients? Here is another recipe for you: Oatmeal and banana. Oatmeal is extremely nutritious and easy to cook. Just cook it and add your favourite fruits. Still not satisfied? A simple scrambled egg and toast can also get you throughout the day.

I know that there are some people who also think that they are eating a lot of vegetables and fruits but did you know that some of the vegetables and fruits you eat is actually harmful for your body?

There is a thing called as ‘conventional farming’ and ‘organic farming’. The difference between them is conventional farmers use synthetic pecticides which can cause serious illnesses in human body. Organic farmers rely on pecticides such as ladybug or they use hot pepper mixes to deal with the pests. So while buying vegetables please consider these things. For more information about the vegetables and fruits which contain high residue of pecticides visit: Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

Long to be short, eating healthy can be a real challenge sometimes but having a healthy eating style can upgrade your life quality.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to be rich or retired to eat well!



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