Raid Of The Extraterrestrials

It all started when they attacked. The blue skies turned red, the birds stopped singing and the children stopped playing games. At first, we didn’t know who they were. All we knew that they came from outer space. They had a special undetectable paint of some sort on their ships. That’s why we didn’t expect them.

We assumed or rather hoped that they came in peace, though our hopes where shattered. They had created a perfect plan. First, they destroyed our energy supply. Then our weapons. Those of us who knew they would attack, quickly collected all the stuff needed to live in isolation for as long as possible and found the nearest shelter to hide in. This proved to be the best method. I barely managed to hide. While running away, I tripped and fell. The impact that hit my head, made me fall asleep. Everything developed so fast. When I gained conciseness, I found myself in an airport. I guess I decided that flying to another country would be a safe bet. Nevertheless, it was hopeless. So, I decided to hide in a shelter like the others.

When I got there, people were quite nice. I mean, as nice as you could be in this situation. It was heart shattering to see all the people who couldn’t save their family. Thankfully most of the smart people also decided do the same thing as us and hide in a shelter. They were the reason we survived for so long. They found out the weakness of the aliens. They were extremely sensitive to loud and high-pitched sounds. We survived in the bunker for about a month but after that we had to venture out.

We gathered the fittest and the smartest. Not to brag or anything but I was a the select few that was assigned to go outside. Although in this situation that’s probably not a good thing. The first step outside was the scariest. After a while we finally found a shop with food and other stuff like first aid kits. We collected as much as we could but, on our way, back we heard a flying ship. Thankfully we had a suit on that made it impossible to detect us with infra-red radiotin which we discovered that the aliens used to detect stuff. After the ship went past us, we headed back to the shelter.

With the food and first aid kits that we found; we were able to survive for a couple of months. Of course, we still ran out of food but so we went outside a couple of times. The planet where the aliens came from must have had different kind of air that made them evolve differently. We noticed this because no one had ever seen the aliens without their masks under their helmets. After a year or so, they finally started going away and the next time they come back, we will be prepared.

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