Raising an Artist


What is the biggest warrior trying to prevent this situation in our world where everyone is starting to become a standard? What makes a person different and what makes them an individual? Of course, it is art alone that provides this. Art is an action that adds enthusiasm for life and liberates the soul.

A person who is involved in art in one way turns into one of the colors of the rainbow. Childhood is the best time to open this path for an individual. The artistic development of the individual begins in the homes, on the streets, and most importantly, in schools. A street painter we see as we pass by on the street, our father playing the guitar in our house, the paintings made by our art teachers in schools with passion… Well, if art is so prevalent in every moment of our lives, why doesn’t art in our country get the value it deserves?   

I think we should look for a solution to this situation in our schools, where we spent most of our youth. Establishing art workshops for free time activities in schools, organizing interviews with famous artists, planning production hours with the participation of artists will undoubtedly improve students’ awareness of art. Avoiding a series of mistakes can also be counted among the measures to be taken. We should not make a child born to be an artist a doctor just because he is good at mathematics, and a child born to be a musician because he can solve science well. We are killing our future with such mistakes made in our country. Do you know what’s the reason for this? Musicians, painters and artists are not regarded as a “profession” in the world. Art is considered as a leisure activity. Both as individuals and as a society, we must abandon this misconception. As Atatürk said, “Some foundations are needed to keep a nation alive, and you know that one of the most important of these foundations is art. If a nation is devoid of art and artists, it cannot have a full life.”

If we want a monotonous life, let us be kind-spirited as individuals and civilized as a society, art and artists must exist.


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