Read, Listen, Get Inspired

Music is universal. Different genres, different rhythms, different lyrics. Every single person knows something about these maybe some of us know more than that. Especially, teenagers have a detailed information about today’s music and musicians. It is pretty good to be able to know what is happening but I just want to remind you something that music is not the only part of our culture. We have to know more about our culture and the people enriching the content of it.

Every country has their own culture and citizens’ responsibility is to protect it. At this point, we are inadequate. We really do not know what our culture is. Firstly, we should start with learning the meaning of it. According to dictionaries, culture has meanings more than one. One meaning is about the way of life, general customs, and the beliefs another meaning is about music, theatre, art, literature which is more commonly known.

Culture is one of the most significant values which makes the country a civilization. Culture consists of art, philosophy etc. We ought to raise awareness of these but how are we going to do that? By reading books, doing some research or what? Those are the simplest things that we can do and we all know that we should but somehow we do not. Anyway, if we come back to my question, I can say that there are many things to do. For instance, should you are interested in music, you can start with listening to your culture’s own music which was composed years ago but also the ones which have a huge impact on your culture. Listening to those melodies will make you think about how it was composed, what the musician was thinking when composing the song and writing the lyrics. You will get to know more about the feelings’ and the situation of the country’s impact on your cultural music. Nevertheless, this is not enough if you want to be aware of music in global perspective. I advise you to listen to the classics by the legendary musicians such as Chopin, Bach and the others who were not as popular as them such as Clementi. Listen to music from the past and compare the differences.

Literature is another part of the culture which has a massive effect on our way of thinking and writing. Reading those famous poems, plays and the books give full play to our imagination. And you should learn about the changes made in your language by famous writers. Learning and reading about their work will help you to look at the world from a different aspect. Read their poetry and think about it. Try to understand the poet’s mood. This is something very important and there is a reason why I tell you about it. The reason is that you will come across their names everywhere in your life, believe me. I can give William Shakespeare as an example. He lived ages ago but as you see, he is still popular in this modern world as he has always been.

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