Real Face of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is one of the most arguable topic of the world now. Although some countries are using nuclear energy, some countries are refusing to use it and some are closing their nuclear power plants. So how can we decide whether it is good or bad? Is it better than the fossi fuels? Should we prefer nuclear energy instead of renewable energy sources?

First of all, nuclear energy has some risks. While the power plants are being built, it is very crucial not to make any mistakes. Because a little mistake can cause a disaster that can affect the whole world. When the power plant explodes, the dangerous thing is not only the momentary explosion but also  the gas released because of the explosion spreads a lot of places in the world and badly affect a lot of things like agricultural products, healthy birth rates and the atmosphere. For example, the “Chernobyl Disaster” in 1986 in Russia affected the countries in Europe and some other countries in Asia. A lot of organisms were mutated including humans. People couldn’t rely on the agricultural products for many years.

Secondly, nuclear power is very expensive. Very high budget is needed to build and produce energy in nuclear power plants. It is more expensive than most of the renewable energy sources. People say it is an environmentally friendly source. It can be more eco-friendly than fossil fuels but it doesn’t mean that it is te best source. Also, renewable sources are more eco-friendly. It never harms the nature and has a very high efficiency. So we should prefer renewable sources instead of nuclear energy.

To conclude, nuclear energy is not a solution for anything. It has more drawbacks than benefits. It is not only dangerous, It is also expensive and not eco-friendly. So governments should focus on renewable energy sources other than promoting nuclear energy.

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