Real War

A creature called a man does not know the value of life. He lives in a thoughtless state. If he continues like this, maybe he won’t be able to live as before.

We are constantly revolving around the same circle, building and destroying what is good for us. we destroy life to build new buildings then regret and waste resources to replantWe are in a so-called war, but it will be a disaster for us to win the war and it seems that people do not intend to make peace. instead of taking advantage of the energy of the sun and planting wind roses, we prefer ways that will exhaust our resources forever. Maybe one must experience the bad in order to get smarter, but the world may be too bad to live again. It is not difficult to keep up with this order, maybe if people throw their garbage in the trash and turn off the water while brushing their teeth, such problems would not even occur. If we win this war, future generations will look at us and be surprised that cars used to be washed on the street. We have gone too far and we must realize that we must now think of other creatures than ourselves. Destroying animals’ habitats to build hotels is against ecosystem and existence. We must now control population and reproduction and accustom the growing society to living with animals. We should use historical artefacts for culture, not for our own entertainment. Nature has rights just as we have our own rights, and we should definitely make protecting those rights a priority. If people really want to win, they have lost this war and must break their prejudices.Türkiye'nin Doğal Kaynakları Hakkında En Güncel BilgilerDoğal Kaynaklar Haberleri - Son Dakika Doğal Kaynaklar Hakkında Güncel Haber ve Bilgiler

Man is an ungrateful but intelligent creature. With the right direction and information, he will no longer make these mistakes and will win the real war.

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