Realities Related To the Population

Based on the current research, we can easily determine that the population growth has increased at a very serious rate over the past 30 years. Every country has hundreds of thousands of new citizens every day. This applies not only to a certain geography, new children are born every hour every day all over the world. This cannot be prevented anyway, and we have no doubt that it is a fact that will most likely not change in the coming years. In fact, although we have just said that population growth applies to every geography, we should not forget that there is a point that must be mentioned here because the culture of many geographies is different from each other, we know that families in some countries, especially in more eastern countries, have many more children than we are used to. Since this is a topic that can be directly identified with culture, it will not say anything more about this part now, what I really want to talk about here is whether there is actually a relationship between the level of prosperity of a country and the amount of population, and I will write my thoughts about how this surplus or minority in the population has a relationship with the well-being of this country later.




İf a country’s economy is good, the education of the country mentioned in the world order in which we are usually located is just as good. At least, the number of people receiving education about what is needed for the economy of this country is large. because a person needs a certain amount of money to develop himself or his family. the fact that the population of a country with good conditions is large greatly affects the well-being of that country in a good way, this is because the country’s system, that is, managers, has enough financial freedom to cover the work done by all this way, a very large part of people pay for their work, of course, their family is at a moderate or good level in relation to the profession they do he can make a living.they can teach their children as much as they can financially, and the majority of the people also have good living healthy and good exits the result that more innovative ideas generation begins to emerge three main population and thus requires more labor economy of the population of both countries supports both greatly affects the economy of the country more progress in a good way, and in most cases it supports.from this point of view, even if it seems that there are no problems, the excess of the population is directly harmful to the world or to the geography of that country itself. As the population increases, the use of energy and the amount of waste also increase very seriously, and as the human population increases, it becomes very difficult to prevent this excessive consumption is an irreplaceable fact. Moreover, there is a very limited amount of these energies used on Earth. Although the use of renewable energy sources is becoming widespread now, there is no clearer data on how efficient and accessible it is. If we talk about countries that do not have a good economy, the biggest problem is that there are already too many people on such principles, or that the population is constantly growing.



As a result, in my opinion, the population of a country is related to two main things on a country. These are the effects on the economy and the world’s own health. in fact, most likely, the number of other people in the population can be associated with different things. But the main point here is that rather than determining the level of prosperity with the population of a country, the economic values of that country directly affect the level of prosperity.

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