Metaverse, you must have heard of this name. He has been a prominent name lately. So, what is Metaverse and who does it belong to?

First of all, the name Metaverse comes from the company whose name is Meta. The old and well-known name of the company is Facebook. So, what is this Metaverse? The metaverse will actually be the future world. You ask why? Everything in the world is now virtual and the world is gradually moving to the virtual environment and all companies are trying to keep up. Actually, there is a metaverse area where you can enter and socialize right now, it can be found by searching a bit. So, would you like to watch a preview in the form of a movie? If your answer is yes, it is very good and there is a very good movie about the future of the metaverse called Ready Player one (Start).

In my opinion, the future world is described very clearly and accurately in this movie. The world can really be like that. In fact, it has both good and bad sides. If the world becomes virtual, crime rates will decrease and human deaths will decrease. But the bad side is that most countries will come to this system late due to their financial situation, the world may be in a good place when people don’t look at it. However, the cities will definitely be bad because there is no one who can bring food, no one to produce electricity, maybe the metaverse will make the world uninhabitable, we don’t know. My thoughts are positive, but I have some fear inside, it doesn’t make sense to turn the world completely into a virtual world.

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