Reality or Entity?

I felt a cold breeze on my shoulder as my boss was humiliating me in front of my coworkers. The book that he was holding caught my attention. “12 Steps to Success” it wrote. I looked at the author’s name, he is probably Indian I said to myself. Right as I was transferring into another realm, the janitor there, a woman probably in her sixties looked at me. I think that I would have gotten a softer look if I had killed her mom. As she stared into my soul I decided to do the same. It was as if we were in the competition till death. I felt as if years passed by. “Are we on the same page Tyler?” said my boss. I nodded but didn’t look at him because we were still in a race with the janitor. Our battle ended with a victory to the janitor because my eyes twitched.

I woke up, didn’t really know what day it was because they were all the same. I had an upside-down face. Knowing that the dream I saw the other night was ten thousand times better than my actual life. I looked into my room, a donkey is probably cleaner than this, I thought. I got up, looked into the mirror to my monkey self and blew air out of my nose. It was pretty early to go to work so I decided to watch a bit of TV to pass the time. While watching Spongebob I decided to analyze my financial situation. Unfortunately, there was nothing to analyze, as I had almost no money. A 37 year old, depressed, lonely, poor bum, that’s me. I looked at the time, realizing that it was enough thinking, I stood up and left my flat. The ride to my office was pretty normal. As always I was thinking about ending it all. The song on the radio was “Where is my mind?” by the Pixies. I turned the volume on to 100, closed my eyes and listened to the real Tyler that was buried deep under me. “Hey man watch out…” I was sent flying out of my car. In that brief moment, I understood the meaning of a word that I saw in a book the other day. Then I slammed into the ground. I was paralyzed, it was a weird feeling least to say.  It felt as if I had hugged god himself, maybe I actually did.

I woke up 2-3 weeks later. The moment I opened my eyes it was all slow motion. Everything I was looking at was a mathematical equation. I felt smart, the kind of smart you feel when you guessed who is the murderer in a Sherlock book. My eyes moved 10 times a second, I could see myself as Spiderman. But most importantly I felt alive. The doctors came in, they started to tell me about how lucky I was to survive a lethal car crash. They said a lot more but I can’t remember. At that time I was looking at how the doctor spilt ketchup on his shirt. I got out of the hospital and mixed into the crowd of zombies. My hair was bothering me, as I was fixing it I realised what was happening. “ I am a goddamn genius!” I screamed. It was a moment out of a movie.

As I walk down the streets of Manhattan I see people, depressed, broke and lonely looking at me with jealousy. They are probably like this because I am soon to be president with a few Nobel Prizes. Since the accident, I can confidently and sincerely say that I am a god now. Even though you can shake hands with me and feel my hand, I am simply not there. On the top of my skyscraper, it writes: Something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become imminent and possible. 

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