Recipe for Happiness

Having ups and downs in life makes it easier for us to have healthy psychology. Although having quite incredible lives, human beings are never satisfied. Remember that everything starts in your mind. Smiling can trick your brain into happiness.

I have some suggestions for you to be happier and feel better. I hope these methods will work for you.


This phrase may have reminded you of one of Sia’s hits. Even writing the title of the song made me sing those lines “I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight.” Money means happiness to some of us but, do we have to be wealthy or have pockets full of money to be happy? No, that just crosses greedy people’s mind. Simplest things in nature can be the reason for happiness such as seeing trees blooming or hearing a bird tweeting in the morning. As Paulo Coelho said, “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”


It kind of seems like that I am writing the names of songs but, they exactly explain what I am trying to say in two or three words. Should you want to feel better, you should start taking a look at yourself. Love yourself the way you are. Do not try hard to be like someone else. Being unique is a privilege. Do not imitate, try to be original. Once you start loving yourself, you will show more respect to your existence.


As I mentioned before, everything starts in our minds. By thinking positive and controlling the state of mind, we can overcome an illness.  Sending positive vibes to our brains is the most crucial part of healing. Some people are satisfied with pills somehow thinking that it will make them better but, drugs always do not work. Most of the time, people suffer from diseases as a consequence of their lifestyle. Stress is the main factor in other words, it is the enemy that we face everyday. All we have to do is to take it easy. Eating healthy as much as we can. Also, we should prefer the organic food rather than the convenience food. Lastly, I want to make a recommendation which is the documentary called “Heal”. I strongly recommend you to watch it.


Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with people who can cheer you up in the bad times. Do not let someone get you down! To me, it’s better to choose people around you who have same interests and more importantly similar lifestyles. Because jealousy can be the end of a relationship. Envy can make the things get worse. Not only do your friends can grieve you but also, your distant family members. Why should you get into touch with someone that doesn’t really care about you and claiming that you should have called them to ask how they are? You shouldn’t really bother them. Take care of people who really care about you.


I sometimes leave notes into my books or somewhere that I don’t see directly. I write something motivating and read them time to time forgetting where I put them and when. I feel on the top of world.


You do not have to work out or lift weights till you get out of breath. Stay active and move more. Do sports for your health and to feel better. Take care of your body.

Those are the simplest things that make me feel better. I believe that changing the way you think and remembering that you are living a society full of people which includes some people who can help you to get through the bad times may help you to be over the moon with your life.


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